Chondrule in L melt breccia (sample CML 0175-5B), cross-polarized transmitted light image. (Image: A. Ruzicka)


The mission of our laboratory is to conduct meteorite research to help understand our place in the universe, and to share this knowledge with the wider community. Meteorites provide vital clues about the origin of the Earth and other planets, our solar system, and the molecules that serve as precursors to life. Meteorite research contributes to the larger field of planetary science, which can help society evaluate how to utilize extraterrestrial resources, how to protect our planet from the devestating effects of a major cosmic impact, and how planetary climate change might occur. Our lab maintains and increases  a carefully curated collection of meteorites which can be used for research and education. Through mentoring, classes, and outreach programs, laboratory personnel help inspire and educate students of all ages, teachers and the general public, and help to prepare a new generation of scientists.

Our lab is funded by public donations.
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