Think you've got a meteorite?

Please follow these steps
Step 1: Learn more about materials that are commonly mistaken for meteorites.


Step 2:  If after step 1 you still believe you have a meteorite, and want to have our opinion, you can send an email to, with a couple of images of your sample.

Please remember that we do meteorite identification as a service to the public, and we currently volunteer our time.  We get many public inquiries (dozens per week), so please respect our time, please follow step 1 before step 2, and please do not attempt to contact more than one of us.

About digital images:

If you send digital images, please try to get one or more images that are fairly close-up while still showing the whole sample, and in focus.  Images of ~100-700 kb should suffice. If your sample is dark, you should photograph it against a medium-colored background (such as cardboard), not against a bright background.  Do not send zipped images; rather include image files as attachments in regular formats (e.g., jpg) or embedded in the body of emails.  Also send only a small number of your best images.  Image quality is more important than quantity.

About samples mailed to us:

CML does not take any responsibility for material mailed to us.    We have not lost any samples, yet, but we can't guarantee that samples will always find their way to us or to you.  If you don't want a sample lost, don't mail it to us.  Send us digital images instead.  In any case, we will not analyze any sample sent to us without prior authorization from us by email.  We will not return samples mailed to us.

We are not a commercial testing lab.

We are willing to evaluate your sample via email.  In a few extremely rare cases, we may want to analyze your sample.  However, we do not have the equipment to analyze metals (such as iron meteorites).  We only analyze stony or stony-iron meteorites.


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Page last modified February 6, 2021