Erwin F. Lange Endowment

The Erwin F. Lange Endowment was established in 2005 to invest in the long-term growth of the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory (CML).

Donations are added to the fund's principal, with the interest on this principal available to cover laboratory expenses.

In 2005, CML became an official respository for the type specimens of some newly classified meteorites. We maintain these and many other specimens, and loan material to researchers at other institutions.

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Portland State University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your donation to the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory is tax deductible.

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This endowment was started by CML member and PSU alumnus Richard N. Pugh, in honor of his former advisor Erwin F. Lange.

Picture of Erwin F. Lange
from the Portland State College 1960 yearbook

Erwin F. Lange was a passionate scientist with an interest in meteorites and the history of science.  He encouraged a number of his students, including Richard Pugh, to become science teachers.

He began his career as a chemistry instructor at Vanport College (a precursor to PSU) in 1948.  When the college moved to downtown Portland and became Portland State College, Dr. Lange moved with it and became the Head of the General Sciences Department.  In the 1960s, Portland State College became Portland State University and Dr. Lange became the Assistant Dean of Science.  He taught classes in physical science, the history of science, and meteorites, and was always on the lookout for potential teachers among his students. He also believed in educating the public about meteorites.

1968:  The Year of the Meteorite

In 1968, he published "A Collection of Articles on Meteorites" as Miscellaneous Paper #11 in The Ore Bin, a publication of the State of Oregon's Department of Geology and Mineral Industries.

In his introduction, he states: "The year 1968 has been designated in Oregon as the year of the meteorite by a committee consisting of Hollis M. Dole, State Geologist, Phil F. Brogan, science writer and former associate newspaper editor at Bend, and the writer.  This group firmly believes that there are in Oregon undiscovered meteorites that might be found if many people became more observing of their surroundings, and the group also feels that there may be undescribed or unreported meteorites in the possession of people who are unfamiliar with their importance to science."

The first meteorite in the Portland State University/ 
Cascadia Meteorite Collection is a 35 lb Odessa (Texas)
iron meteorite (IAB) purchased by Erwin F. Lange in 1968.
A U.S. penny (1.8 cm in diameter) is shown for scale.

As a result of Lange's efforts during The Year of the Meteorite, a 35 lb iron meteorite (Odessa, Texas) was brought in to Portland State.  Dr. Lange purchased this meteorite for $200.  This became the first meteorite in what would later be the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory's collection.


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