(503) 287-6733

Career Objectives:
Teaching and research in Physical Science, Astronomy and Geology,
Specialization in Field Meteoritical Research

Schools Attended and Degrees:
1978            Summer class-Mining Problems, McKay School of Mines,
                   University of Nevada, Reno
1970            MST Physical Science, Portland State University
1968            State of Oregon Teaching Certificate
1967-1970    Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

1963            BS Physical Science, Portland State College, Portland, Oregon

1991            City of Portland Recognizes Clevland High School for Support of
                   Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge Water Control Structure Project
1990            Australian Craters Expedition (8/28-9/15)
1988            Distinguished Citizen in Environmental Education
1988            Research grant from the Mazama Research Committee
1986            Sigma Xi Outstanding High School Science Teacher
1967-1968    Teaching Assistant, Department of General Science,
                    Portland State University
1961-1963    Teaching Assistant, Department of General Science,
                    Portland State College

Academic Employment:

1995-1996    Adjunct Instructor, Geology Department, Portland State University
1968-1999    Teacher, Science Department, Cleveland High School, Portland OR
1972-present Lectures and talks on meteorites, Astronomy and Geology in
                    grade schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and clubs in
                    Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, and Montana
1984-1993    Chairman, Science Department, Cleveland High School
1990-1992    Correspondent to Global Volcanoism, Smithsonian Institution
1982-1989    Correspondent to Scientific Even Alert Network, Smithsonian Institution
1983-1984    Meteorite Consultant, Norm Thompson, Inc.
1972             Summer Camp Geologist, Camp Hancock, Oregon Museum of Science
                    and Industry

Professional Societies:

Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Society
Meteoritical Society
American Geophysical Union
Oregon Academy of Science
Society of Miscellaneous Oregon Geoscientists (SMOG)


2001-present    President, Sigma Xi, Columbia-Willamette Chapter
1988-present    Columbia Basin Education Project, Board of Directors
1988-present    Sigma Xi, Board of Directors, Columbia-Willammette Chapter
1995-1996       President, Sigma Xi, Columbia-Willamette Chapter
1978-1992       Mazama (Mountain Climbing organization)
                       Positions held:
                       1989-1992 Public Relations Committee
                       1985-1987 Finance Committee
                       1985-1986 Lodge Committee
                       1983-1984 Treasurer, Board of Directors
                       1982-1984 Mazama Board of Directors
                       1981-1982 Chairman, Research Committee
                       1979-1981 Research Committee
                       1978-1987 Climb Committee
1988                International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees,
                       Executive Board, Portland Chapter


2000-2001        Oregon Visiblity Advisory Committee, Oregon Department
                        of Environmental Quality

Papers Delivered:

Pugh, R.N., Don Myott, Harvey Steele, and Blaine Schmeer, Oregonians in the Palouse: Early Potters in the Inland Empire, Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, Washington, April 7, 2000.

Steele, Harvey, Richard Pugh, Blaine Schmeer, Farmers with Kilns: anti-bellun, Northwest Anthropological Conference, Spokane, Washington, April 7, 2000.

Pugh, Richard, Harvey Steele, Golden Age of Oregon China Painters, Pittock Mansion, Portland, Oregon, September 6, 2000.

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Invited Speaker:

Where the Sky Fell, Down Under and Outack, The Meteoritical Society, 1991 Australian Crater Epedition, Sigma Xi, Portland State Chapter, January 23, 1992.

Meteorites, Sigma Xi Bureau of Mines Chapter, Albany, Oregon, June 13, 1989.

Chasing Fireballs, American Association of Physics Teachers, Oregon Section, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon, April 22, 1989.

Astronomy and Space, Marylhurst College, Marylhurst, Oregon, February 6, 1987.

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Meteorites of the Northwest, Goldendale Observatory, Solar Eclipse Lectures, February 25, 1979.

Meteorites and Education, National Science Teachers Association, San Francisco, California, November 16, 1977.

Meteorites in the Classroom, National Science Teachers Association, Seattle, Washington, November 4, 1976.