Various types of equipment are available for meteorite research at PSU. The Geology department houses several petrographic microscopes and has remote access to the Cameca SX100 electron microprobe at Oregon State University. 

Other large analytical e-beam instruments, including an FEI Technai F-20 TEM/STEM and a Zeiss Sigma VP FEG SEM installed in 2010, and a new EBSD attached to this SEM, are available at the Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication (CEMN, see equipment list) at PSU. 

Meteorite researchers at PSU also use the  laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass spectrometer (LA-ICPMS) at the W.M. Keck Collaboratory for Plasma Spectrometry at Oregon State University for in situ analyses of trace elements.

The Technai HR-TEM in the CEMN.



Prof. Melinda Hutson uses a petrographic microscope to study a meteorite thin section.

Prof. Rick Hugo at the Zeiss Sigma SEM, overseeing installation of the new EBSD unit (behind technician) in late 2012. 


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