Pacific Northwest Christmas Eve Fireball of 2007

By Richard Pugh
January 11, 2008

On Dec. 24, 2007 between 5:05 and 5:015 PM P.S.T., a large fireball was seen coming into the atmosphere east of the Bend area of central Oregon. It was seen from as far away as San Jose, California and Reno, Nevada in the south; Sisters, Oregon in the west; Madras, Oregon in the north; and Haley, Idaho in the east. The duration of the fireball was about 5 seconds. The object was brighter than a full moon and about twice the size of the full moon.  Moving shadows were reported. Most people reported a round object with a long tail. White, yellow and green were the colors most often reported. Many people reported a bright flash at the end of the event with several fragments.  There was one report stating the fireball breaking into 3 large fragments, each of which developing its own tail. There was one report of electrophonic sound, a boom heard just before the fireball was seen.  There were no sonic booms reported.  Clouds were reported east of the Bend area.  We have no reports from the Burns, Oregon area.

CML has had over 29 contacts on this event.

If you have seen this fireball, please call Dick Pugh at 503-287-6733.